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We are committed to having the best price in town. Established in 2015, Best Tire Center is a tire store franchise based in the Greater Seattle area. We serve all of Tacoma, WA, Everett, WA, Des Moines, WA and the Greater Seattle Area.

We offer easy financing options. Give your nearest location a call today to get rolling again.

No matter what make, model, or weight class of vehicle you drive, everyone must visit a dedicated tire center eventually. Otherwise, you soon become yet another who spends too much on tires which wear out before long.

Unfortunately, you can’t always locate a reliable source for wheel service, and most automotive shops prefer to offer bodywork repairs. When you need a better selection of tires and wheels, as well as affordable daily pricing, you need our shop.

At the Best Tire Center, we live up to our name with your best inventory of new and used tires. In addition to an upgraded set of rubber, we can also assist you with repairs, custom wheel options, and more.

Whatever tire service options that your vehicles need the most, we provide it all at lower costs every single day. See why we remain the wheel shop more area drivers prefer buying from us and save more on your purchases.


Save money on tires with Best Tire Center. We’ve got tires for whatever you drive, from great brands like General, Falken, Suretrac, Ardent, and Sierra.


If your vehicle is out of alignment, then your tires will wear unevenly. Don’t wait---schedule your wheel alignment with us today.


Whether it’s time for you to buy new tires or have your wheels repaired, we offer your best services daily. No matter what your cars, trucks, vans, and other vehicles need from our tire store, we deliver your top results.

We back up our work with several warranties and service guarantees to keep more drivers’ minds at ease for solutions. You can always save more on your custom wheels, tire repairs, maintenance needs, and more, by choosing our shop today.

  • Tire Mounting
  • Free Tire Rotations
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Wheel & Tire Washing
  • 10 Point Tire Inspection
  • Wheel Balance
  • Road Force Balancing
  • Free Wheel Alignment Checks
  • Free Flat Tire Repair
  • Air Pressure Check
  • 30 Day Ride Guarantee
  • Lifetime Balance Guarantee
  • And more professional services.

We have remained the wheel store more drivers turn to for help with all their repairs and maintenance. From rim service to replacement tires, custom wheels, and more, you can continue to choose us for affordable results daily.


Tire Mounting

Squeezing a new rubber tire onto a metal wheel takes much more effort than it may look at first glance. However, when you choose us, we offer fast and affordable tire mounting for any style of vehicles that you have.

Car Wheel

Tire Rotations

Your car’s tires wear out the tread in different locations based on which wheel they get mounted on for use. After a while, you must have yours rearranged so that they continue to wear down at a more consistent rate.

Car Suspension

Wheel Alignment

Once you notice your car hugging one side of the road over the other, your vehicle must receive an alignment. Otherwise, you could see other maintenance concerns arise, such as damaged suspension, brakes, decreased fuel efficiency, and more repair items.

Car Wheel Washing

Wheel & Tire Washing

Most drivers don’t realize how filthy their tires and wheels have become from road debris, grease, brake dust, and more. While you wait for your job to get completed, we’ll leave your wheel wells appearing like new again before long.

Car Tire

10 Point Tire Inspection

Believe it or not, we can tell a lot about your driving habits by the current condition of your tires. We thoroughly inspect yours for any signs of fraying, wear and tear, and damaged tread, keeping you riding safer.

Car Wheel

Wheel Balance

Even if you could manage to place a new rubber tire onto the metal wheel, you would still need balancing. A tire that runs unbalanced will only cause more concerns like shaking cars, uneven wear, and other repair needs quickly.

Car Wheel

Road Force Balancing

While most people need standard wheel balancing, applying road force during the process will always achieve better results during driving. By simulating the same pressure your wheels will encounter on the asphalt, we can create a superior feeling of balance.

Car Suspension

Wheel Alignment Checks

Sometimes you know immediately that a wheel alignment remains in order, while other occasions you can’t feel sure about it. We offer fast and convenient inspections to see if you need your wheels serviced, or if you can drive safely.

Flat Tire

Flat Tire Repair

Flat tires can put a halt to your entire day, but some situations can get fixed without too much trouble. We can assist you with affordable flat tire repair, as well as lower pricing on new rubber wheels and rims.

Car Tire

Air Pressure Check

When you operate your vehicles without the correct amount of tire pressure, you keep yourself at risk for unexpected blowouts. Even when the problem doesn’t seem so severe, you will, at a minimum, waste more fuel while you drive now.

Best Tires Service Near Me

Whether you need to purchase new rubber tires or visit a local rim store, we remain your convenient choice daily. No matter where you live throughout the broader Seattle region, you will find our stores closer to you each time.

As your local tire, wheel, and rim experts, we can solve more of your maintenance problems for less every visit. From replacement items to repair needs, inspections and checks, and more, we remain your convenient location for more residents throughout:

Best Tires Near Me

As your trusted supplier for more popular brands and makes of tires, we carry a wider variety of inventory daily. No matter which names you prefer the most or which ones your cars rely on, we keep them in stock:

When you need a better selection of services and inventory, you need us for your cars. See why more drivers turn to us at Best Tire Center.

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