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Features of Dunlop GEOMAX MX51

  • Profile design provides more tread volume in the shoulders and a more open center-tread
  • Recessed biting edges in shoulder tread blocks
  • Tie-bar design connects and renforces the tread blocks
  • Recessed design in the area between tread blocks
  • Larger-radius treat block base
  • Knobs placed in unique "cross-stitch" shoulder-block distribution

Benefits of Dunlop GEOMAX MX51

  • For excellent cornering and straight-line grip
  • Enhanced traction for greater grip in corners and ruts in a wide range of terrain conditions
  • Greater tread stiffness, improving intermediate to hard terrain performance
  • Improved compliance for enhanced ride comfort
  • For strength and enhanced tread longevity

Currently Available Sizes For This Tire

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