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EV-3+ (IND-3+)

Features of Goodyear EV-3+ (IND-3+)

  • 125-Level tread depth (25% deeper than standard IND-3)
  • Oversized, high strength bead bundle - 25% larger than standard haulage tire
  • Radial construction
  • Sidewall insert
  • Steel belted with nylon overlay
  • Tough, durable casing
  • Unique synthetic / natural rubber compound

Benefits of Goodyear EV-3+ (IND-3+)

  • Longer wear, enhanced traction and greater cut resistance
  • Increased stability, required for high loads and high inflation and added air retention to improve tire life
  • Reduced ground pressure, softer ride, improved treadwear and greater fuel economy
  • Increased stability and resist cuts and snags
  • Enhances retreadability and increased puncture resistance
  • Capable of multiple retreads and lower cost per hour
  • Long wearing tread and advanced tear resistance

Currently Available Sizes For This Tire

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