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Features of Goodyear G316 LHT DURASEAL + FUEL MAX

  • Innovative DuraSeal sealant built into the tire
  • Fuel-Saving Compounds
  • Protective Shoulder Compound
  • 12/32" tread depth
  • Four-belt construction
  • Solid shoulder rib
  • Pressure distribution groove
  • Circumferential and lateral grooves
  • EPA SmartWay Verified

Benefits of Goodyear G316 LHT DURASEAL + FUEL MAX

  • Seals tread punctures
  • to help keep trucks up-and-running as well as reduce repair and replacement costs
  • Help promote energy efficiency as the tire rolls to enhance fuel economy
  • Helps guard the outer tread from accidental curb damage
  • Balances fuel economy and mileage
  • Helps enhance toughness and tire life
  • Helps provide uniform wear in the shoulder
  • Helps promote even wear
  • Help deliver all-season traction
  • Seals up to ¼” diameter punctures in the repairable area of the tread. Does not seal sidewall punctures

Currently Available Sizes For This Tire

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