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Features of Hankook E3 MAX AL21

  • Minimized motion of belts
  • Wide belt
  • Enriched belts
  • Optimized carcass structure
  • Optimized bead profile
  • Optimized lateral kerf and semi-groove kerf
  • Rounded shape at edge of kerf
  • Side decoupling groove
  • EPA SmartWay Verified and California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliant
  • Unlimited Retreads/7 Years

Benefits of Hankook E3 MAX AL21

  • For reduced heat generation
  • For increased casing life
  • Ensure stability of the footprint
  • For better ride and handling
  • For superior retreadability
  • Provides better traction and enhances even wear for superior performance
  • Prevents tearing and cracking
  • Prevents uneven wear by reducing movement between sidewall and shoulder

Currently Available Sizes For This Tire

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