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Features of Hankook VENTUS PRIME3 K125

  • 4 water clearing/cooling channel
  • 3 strong, wide tread ribs
  • Groove chamfer
  • Vehicle alignment indicators
  • High grip silica compound
  • Jointless full cover reinforcement belt
  • Wide steel belt layer
  • Equilibrium rayon carcass line
  • High stiffness bead filler
  • Strong single strand bead wire

Benefits of Hankook VENTUS PRIME3 K125

  • Improve water displacement
  • Offer enhanced steering precision and mileage
  • Spreads contact patch under braking for better grip
  • Gives visual cues on wheel alignment changes over time
  • Improved dry/wet traction and lower rolling resistance
  • Ideal tread strength
  • Better dry and wet handling
  • Enhanced sidewall stiffness and durability
  • Better handling and steering response
  • Improved uniformity and tire fitting

Currently Available Sizes For This Tire

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