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Features of Toyo M153

  • Extremely wide tread pattern
  • Deep 26/32" tread depth
  • E-balance provides optimum footprint
  • Z-shaped siping in tread
  • Unique buttress protector
  • Wide steel-belt construction and high-elongation top
  • High-tensile, open-cord construction
  • Stone-ejector grooves
  • Toyo Limited Warranty for Commercial Truck/Bus Radial Tires

Benefits of Toyo M153

  • Distributes heavy loads evenly to improve mileage
  • Delivers longer wear life under high-scrub conditions
  • Increases mileage performance
  • Increases traction in wet conditions
  • Reduces cutting and curb damage to the sidewall
  • Improves durability while protecting casing integrity
  • Keeps moisture and oxygen from entering the cord bundle to combat corrosion
  • Minimize stone retention to maintain casing integrity

Currently Available Sizes For This Tire

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