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Features of Toyo TOUREVO LS II

  • Toyo Eco logo
  • Non-directional, asymmetric tread design
  • Large shoulder blocks
  • Full depth multi-wave sipes
  • Silent wall technology
  • Three deep circumferentail grooves and two sub grooves
  • 62,000 Mile "Wear Out" Warranty on H rated and 50,000 Mile "Wear Out" Warranty on V rated tires

Benefits of Toyo TOUREVO LS II

  • Allows cross rotation to reduce irregular wear while optimizing grip throughout the tire under a variety of conditions
  • Large outer contact patch increases lateral stiffness when cornering
  • Better fuel economy, lower costs and better value
  • Increase traction while minimizing irregular wear
  • Reduced pipe resonance giving a quiter ride
  • Provide effective water evacuation reducing hydroplaning

Currently Available Sizes For This Tire

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